Sabtu, Maret 19, 2011

And My Love For You Is Still Unknown

  I'm still afraid to let it flow......

What started out as friendship....
Has grown stronger.
I only wish
       I had the strength to let it show.
You don't know how long I have waited
and I was going to tell you tonight
            But the secret is still my own
and my love for you is still unknown.....
Tell me you feel it too
'Cause I am falling in love with you

No never,
            I'm never gonna stop........
                                             Falling in love with you.......

If I had to live without you...
What kind of life would that be...
Please tell me baby
How do I go on?
Referensi lirik:
-I Can't Fight This Feeling, Reo Speedwagon
-Alone, Heart 
-Runaway, The Corrs 
-How Do I Live, LeAnn Rimes

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