Sabtu, Februari 26, 2011

What I'am Looking For?

Confused and depressed by what was happening to me now. Honestly I really hate this situation. The situation where I felt depressed, the circumstances in which I feel could hurt other people that are not caused by me but caused bastard! The result will be many one that hate me because of his act.

This becomes a big question for me .... ACTUALLY, WHAT BEEN I SEARCH OF THIS WORK? I FEEL THIS ALL WRONG! In the work needed comfort, tranquility, etc..

I need my job made me become that useful one, one that has matured, one that getting better materially and morally.

I admit there are materially remarkable improvement in myself in the past. But NOT ONLY I FIND THAT MATTER! I NEED MORE THAN THAT, I PERSONAL NEED A BETTER. I WANT THIS WORK TO MAKE ME PRECIOUS.

Hmmm .... So I always come back thinking when faced with a condition such as this. Am I supposed to withdraw or continue? I try to survive for a few moments earlier.


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