Kamis, Januari 27, 2011

It Was One Year!

It was one year I go through. Now things become clearer. Something that I passed over a year ago became very annoying. I just do not like what has been shown by them. I'm tired! I have spent the most of any power but seems it does not have an award.

Working with grace is something that is very good. Not expecting anything! But I am not as perfect as that! I still need an appreciation. No! I do not need it in the form of wealth or even in the form of publications.

I just need them to say: "Hi ... You have done a good job and we're always watching." Easy right? A words like that is a good motivation for me.

Haaa .... But it's useless! I like not ever able to do something. This is very annoying!

A year already and I think there is only one way to deal with it. Yes! I just need to focus on myself and the people who are always ready to help me.

To expect something like the above seem to be just a fantasy only.

I emphasize once again! I will only focus on myself and that always helps me.

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