Rabu, Januari 13, 2010

Potongan Lirik Favorite

Potongan lirik2 lagu yang saya favoritkan karena kata2nya.

Sadly, you never gave me

To many chances
To show you how much I care

-Westlife, Fool Again-

There's something you don't understand
I want to be your man
-MLTR, Nothing To Lose-

Love is on the way
I can see it in your eyes
-Saigon Kick, Love Is On The Way-

I'm not the man
Your heart is missing
-MLTR, Thats Why-

And you know that I'll be at your side
There's no need to worry
Together we'll survive through the haste and hurry
-The Corrs, At Your Side-

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GMG Rabu, Januari 13, 2010



Wid, upLod lg dong lirik2 lagunya....

Widi d'Great Sabtu, Juli 10, 2010

Ok ditunggu ja...

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